About Carin Behringer

Behringer is a full time, professional realtor serving Savannah, GA and all of the surrounding areas. She studied business at the University of Florida, graduating in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree. Carin provides her clients with excellent customer service, effective marketing strategies and personal attention to their real estate needs. Prior to her real estate career, Carin‘s background includes marketing, finance and mortgages.

Carin takes great pride in helping families buy and sell real estate, ensuring them that they will have an enjoyable experience. A large majority of her clients are military families PCSing to and from the Savannah area. She understands the time sensitive nature of PCSing, report dates and coordinating the move from all over the world.

When she is not hard at work on her clients’ behalf, Carin enjoys working out, cooking healthy meals, and spending time with her two beautiful children.